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Not all the needs we have when it comes to promoting native forests are the same; therefore, you can help in different ways, all of which are essential. On the one hand, financial support comes in handy for the costs of materials and resources. This type of contribution can be made through donations or memberships through the web page or through a bank transfer (Rural Box ES27 3008 0277 7148 7296 5324).
On the other hand, the participation of people is essential for us to carry out our initiatives and this can be materialised by attending our events and activities.


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    If you would like to participate as a volunteer in the activities we organise, please fill in this form or contact us by email.


      Tax resistance

      Tax resistance is an act of civil disobedience that falls within the range of nonviolent actions; it involves not paying a part of the taxes in order to allocate this amount to other citizen initiatives that work towards the construction of alternatives of a transformative and solidarity- based nature.

      If you wish, we can help you redirect your resisted taxes. Find out more here:


      Thank you to everyone who joined our project and made a contribution. Together we managed to color the map and start the revitalization of this piece of land!!! Congratulations!!!

      Your response has been great. Without forests, it’s over!

      137% accomplished