About us

We are a group of people who want to promote native forests in Busturialdea. The association was born in 2021, when several citizens living in the area began to worry about the evolution of the landscape around us. Forests, besides being a basic element of our landscape, are essential: they are home to many animals and plants, the source of fertile soil and of the oxygen we breathe, a storehouse of carbon dioxide and fuel for many homes. Our forests mitigate the temperatures of climate change and ensure the health of rivers and streams, but they also offer us pleasant places for recreation and provide an additional source of income for forest owners.

We enjoy their many benefits and that is why
they are places we should take care of.

In the last decades, however, our meadows, mountains and stream environments have been occupied by intensive plantations. Monoculture plantations of foreign species, clearcutting, destroyed mountain roads, loss of fertile land…

At present, the predominant forestry model is one that causes more damage than benefits in the medium to long term.


Thank you to everyone who joined our project and made a contribution. Together we managed to color the map and start the revitalization of this piece of land!!! Congratulations!!!

Your response has been great. Without forests, it’s over!

137% accomplished